Friday, September 28, 2012

Tiger Cubs, the first month

Monday nights are Scout nights.  The whole family looks forward to them, it's a chance to spend time together, and do some activities that are different from what we do on a normal basis. And of course, any organization that means you can go camping more is a bonus!

The Scout kickoff was on Labor Day, at one of our local parks on a lake.  It was to include fishing, hiking and general outdoor fun. Until Mother Nature decided otherwise. 

So handsome in his uniform!

Setting off to the Labor Day picnic
 Yes.  The boys had set off for a hike.  The grill was just right, the fishing poles were ready.  And a HUGE storm rolled in.
A little rain doesn't stop the Scouts. 
But a park that is being closed because the storm is so bad does!  So we all loaded up the food and kids and went to the church fellowship hall, extremely wet, and hungry.  Everyone was in a great mood though, laughing at how wet we were.  It occured to me, as I was running up the trail to the parking lot with a tackle box and three fishing poles, that I actually couldn't get any wetter.  So I walked!  Brant still talks about that day, quite the adventure, hiking in the pouring rain!

We've had several meetings since then, and every fourth Monday is the Pack Meeting, where awards are given out and announcements are made (Popcorn anyone?? Starts tomorrow! :-) )  Brant was due to get his Instant Recognition paw print, for learning the Scout sign, Scout pledge and Scout salute.  Brant is also due to get his permanent award Recruiter's patch. Because he's recruited not 1, not 2, but 3 BDS friends!  Zaid and John are on either side of him in the photo, and Christopher wasn't in the photo, as it was his first night.

Not really sure what is going on here but I think about 2 seconds later, Zaid(in the middle) started saying the Scout pledge.

Cub Master Matthews showing everyone the Paw Print.

Brant getting his, along with a bead!

Brant really, really likes being a Scout!!
There are so many neat things coming up this year, campouts, Space Derby, Pinewood Derby and a sleepover on the USS Yorktown.  It's so much fun, that Mommy and Daddy decided to lead Brant's den! Yep!  We are a Scout family!

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