Thursday, September 6, 2012

6 Months ago...

Our day begins with a jolt, every morning, from the alarm clock.  The mad dash to get out of the house for school is only interrupted by the sweet snuggle/nursing time that I get with Henry and Brant for just a bit.  And so, it quickly passed through my brain that today was Henry's 6 month birthday.  I planned on noting his arrival in my head at 8:23 a.m., but work got me distracted.  So pardon me as I look back at this day, six months ago...

So tiny, and Daddy was so tired.

Your dark, dark hair and eyes

 You have grown so much!  You are eating squash, green beans, peas and sweet potatoes, in addition to rice and oatmeal cereals. You still like to nurse (thank goodness, Mommy would be sad!) several times a  day, and Daddy gives you bottles when Mommy is at school.  Don't even ask how the milk gets in the bottles.  Trust me, it's liquid gold.

Henry Doodle, you are so happy. When I call to see what you are up to, Daddy replies, "Just Doodlin'".  You laugh and laugh at your brother, give us huge grins when you see us and are starting to put your arms up to be picked up.

You can sit up by yourself and you are starting to scooch when you are on your tummy.  When we stopped at Chick-fil-a today, you stood up and held onto one of the toys at the toddler area.  And you did not want to sit down after that!  You love your excer-saucer, and love to chew on the horns of the three giraffes you have.  No teeth yet, but boy, you sure are working on them!
Our greeting, whenever we look his way!

In the middle of an , "ahhhhhahhhhhahhhhhhh!"

Adoring eyes for his brother

Enjoy the park today.  Swing was a bit big, but we took a gentle swing.

Happy 6 month birthday Doodle!!  Can it really be you are halfway to one??

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