Saturday, September 1, 2012

The first day of first grade

Tuesday, August 28th, was the first day of school.  All the parents post smiling, happy children, headed off to school with their new backpacks.  Well, we usually have a visitor on the first day of school.  His name is Sir Grumps a lot, and he does NOT want to go to school. I guess it's a large part because of Mommy being off during the summer, and seeing so much of Daddy.   And we had even more fun this summer, with Henry.  

So going back to school means an end to all that relaxed time.  We actually had a few tears this year too, which didn't help Mommy's feelings either! 

So here are our first day of school pictures.  Early, grumpy, tired.  And definitely not smiling.  But don't worry, he perked up when we got to school.  And especially when he friends came.  

So we are a week in now, and enjoying our long weekend.  Sir Grumps a lot has gone away, and when I just asked him what he thinks about first grade, his reply, "Cool!"

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