Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas parade and candy canes

We made it to another Christmas parade on Saturday, and had lots of fun watching the tractors, fire trucks and the Shriner's Hillbillies. It was a morning parade, so he had a breakfast of hot chocolate and cookies, with a side of candy! Brantley really enjoyed all the marching bands. He likes to march around the house with pot lids, or the trumpet ornament from Mom's tree. He was very quick to point out the tubas and drums! Of course, the noisiest of insturments! :-) There was a dancing Granny in the parade, complete with walking stick, bonnet and several layers of clothes on, much like Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies. We told Brant to look at the Grandma in the parade, and he kept looking for Mom! I have to say, the candy was the big hit of the day. He got lots of candy canes, and now insists that he "NEEDS" one quite frequently. I don't think he remembered these from last year, but as we were decorating our tree, he asked for his fire truck ornament. Pop Pop had one of these for each of the kids last year. When we found it, we asked him who gave it to him, and he said Pop Pop! It's amazing what their little brains remember! I think we are going to be making Gingerbread cookies later today, if we feel like it. We are all fighting the sniffles, so it may just be snuggles later.

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