Sunday, December 14, 2008

The cookie cannibal

We've really had a lot of holiday spirit around here! We finally got to make our Gingerbread cookies, and boy, was that an adventure! Last year, I bought a set of 40 Christmas cookie cutters, just so I'd be ready for them this year. You know, it seems like when you need something, it's never available, so I wanted to be sure I wasn't foiled my my great cookie adventure. I pulled them all out and washed them. Then, I got the flour, rolling pins and cookie sheets ready. Finally, we were ready for the fun part. I put a hunk of dough in front of Brant, and he just looked at it. Then he asked ,"Dis pla dough Mommy?" I told him it was food, and he could taste it if he wanted to. It took me at least 10 minutes to convince him! He always plays with his brown pla-dough, so you can understand why! We got his dough rolled out and he cut some cookies, but the next thing I knew, the remnants of the dough were in his mouth! Everytime I looked up he was eating dough! We baked the first batch and the product control tester (Brant) sampled one. He pulled his chair to the counter where they were cooling and the next thing I knew, "Crunch." Yes, I could hear it...I like my cookies crunchy! I turned my back to get the next batch out of the oven. When I turned back, several gingerbread men were missing heads! Brant was a cookie cannibal! When questioned where the heads were, he replied "Heads in my tummy!"

Grandma went with us to the Christmas Parade yesterday afternoon and we finally saw Santa at the end. Our candy jar is stocked for the next several months. If were were going to rate parades on candy quality and amounts, it would win! They were throwing Snickers and Twix...heck, even Mom and I were diving for the Snickers! :-)

Every time we see something about Santa, Brant turns to us and says, " 'anta claus comin' to my house, leaving gifts under MY tree!" So I'm sure we will only be getting jollier...for it seems we've re-discovered the magic of Christmas, because it really is a time for children. We are so happy that Brant sits and listens to the story of the nativity and snuggles our baby Jesus. It's just a wonderful adventure and sometimes, a wild ride!

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