Sunday, December 28, 2008

'Dats my picture!

We've been busy working around the house the last few days. We've gotten new shades in all the rooms, and we rearranged our bedroom. Of course, as all cleaning/changing projects go, one thing leads to another and I had to change pictures around too. I was planning on hanging the Beatrix Potter sampler I had made for Brant's nursery in our room, as I love it, but it doesn't go in the baseball room. However, as I pulled it out and prepared to take it to our room, Brant looked at me and said, "Dat's my picture! I want it in my room!" It's not been up in his room for over a year, but I guess he remembered it. So it did my heart good to hang it once again in my baby boy's room! Brant has been busy playing with his new toys, and was upset when we put away Santa's cup,plate and magic key until next year. I was thinking about next Christmas, and I realized, Brant will be 3 1/2! Good grief! Where does the time go?!

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