Friday, December 5, 2008

Brantley slithers and rescues baby pandas

"Little" Brantley continues to amaze us! I don't know where he gets this stuff, but just a bit ago, he was slithering and hissing across the kitchen floor, saying he's a snake (previously, he'd run screaming from his room saying "Dere's nakes in my room!" Now he is one! Go figure! He also likes to hop into this little gap between our living room chair and side table and "rescue" baby pandas. He cradles them very gently, petting them and looking for their mama. Maybe we are raising a vet!! Our house is now decorated for Christmas. Our latest addition is an inflatable Mickey Santa that Daddy gave in to at Lowe's (can't resist at 50% off! :-) ) Brantley's job is to turn it on with the remote every day. He loves it, and to be honest, so do we!
Before he went to bed tonight, he insisted on getting down both of our Mickey ears. He put one set on me, one on him and informed me that I was Pluto and he's Mickey. The rest of the night, until he went to sleep, he called me Pluto. What an imagination! It seems we will have to go to Disney again! I think we are headed to the county seat Christmas parade tomorrow, so maybe you will see some pictures from that! We feel so blessed everyday to have such a loving and enjoyable child! Hopefully this way we can share it with all our family, since we are so spread out! Love to all! Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas

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