Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's party time!

We've had a busy couple of days! Lots of Christmas cheer and excitement! Yesterday, little Brantley and I went shopping for Grandma and Daddy. When asked what he wanted to get for Daddy, he promptly said, "A choo choo!" When asked about Grandma, he said, "A helihopter." But alas, when we went shopping, we didn't find a choo choo or a helicopter that was good enough. We had to settle for something else.
But the Christmas cheer didn't stop there! Oh no, not in the O'Day family! The fun continued when we got home. After a short power nap, Brant was ready to go! We hit the road to Caswell County to see the Christmas lights. This has been an annual trek for us, three years now. This was by far, the best year yet. As we "march, march, marched" through the lights, Brant was awed by the sheer number of lights.
Today, Brant went to school and had his first school Christmas party. After his special snack, complete with cupcake AND snowman Krispy Kreme doughnuts, we danced the hokey pokey and exchanged presents. Brant made us a beautiful Make-a-plate, wrapped in hand painted paper! We love it! Then, he walked/dragged his presents to "Ms. Amissa" and "Ms. Awanda." We had so much fun making their presents. It was our Tupperware canisters filled with three kinds of Chex mix. Did you know, there are zillions of kinds of Chex mix! Little Brant helped me mix and stir. When asked if he liked the smell of the melted butter, he said, " 'nells like bandaids!"
We wrapped up today with a holiday program at my school. Brant liked to hear the kids singing and the bells. Now though, we are all relaxing in front of our own Christmas tree, enjoying what we love most, being at home together.

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