Monday, December 15, 2008

Cowboys and birthday cake

As you can see, we've got a new "snowy" look. Brantley found a website with all these new backgrounds and he is responsible for the new look. I love it, because it's the only place that's chilly. It was 69 degrees here today...ugh!! We had a busy weekend, with the parade and dinner at the neighbor's house on Saturday. Yesterday, we went to Natalie's 3rd birthday party. Natalie is Josh and Dana Herman's little girl. Josh is Carla's brother. Brant had a lot of fun, although he is getting shy in new situations. He clung to Daddy, like the little monkey he is, for the first 20 minutes or so. Good thing Daddy was there...I couldn't hold him for that long! We all enjoyed the cake though! And Brant definitely wants to open presents now! He and his dad also built a masterpiece with Lincoln Logs. Last night, while we were watching a movie, I got on the floor to pick up some of Brant's toys. The next thing I new, Brant was on my back, grabbed the neck of my sweater like reins, and yelled, "I a cowboy! Yeeha horsey!" Mom Mom, you may have to look for those cowboy outfits! It's still amazing how much he takes in. Brantley and I were discussing our kitchen project (yes...we are still working on it!) and I called Brantley's name, speaking to Big B. Little B looked a me, and said, "Are you talking to Little Brantley or Big Brantley?" Oh, life is fun here! Never know what's going to happen next!

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