Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A new cousin and ANOTHER trip to Target

Ho ho ho! Santa is just around the corner and we are on the lookout. Today at Lowe's, the cashier said, "I think I just saw a reindeer! He ran outside!" Brant quickly started looking, and failing to see one, instructed me to ride through the parking lot, towards "'Dos little houses!" (the display sheds). Upon not seeing one there, he told me, "Mommy, I tink it was just a pretend reindeer!" Hmm, maybe he's getting TOO smart! We went to lunch at "Daddy's daunt daunt" (rhyme it with restaurant) and he informed me that he thinks Santa wants to eat there too! So, if you are at Village in the next day or so, keep your eyes peeled!
We've been to Target tooooooo many times since I've been out of school...like daily! So when I said we were running errands, I got the prompt reply of "To Tahgit?" That's a sure sign....also when your two-year old recognizes the Target sign! :-) What can I say...we love the popcorn!
We've got a new member of our family! Aunt Bliss and Uncle Evans have a new baby girl. She was born yesterday...her name is Delaney Colleen. Everyone is excited and all of the North Carolina O'Days are anxious to hold her. I get to be the Baby Hog this time!
Our tree is decorated, presents are almost all wrapped, and Daddy is off until 3 on Friday! Yippee! Merry Christmas! We'll post again soon!

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