Thursday, December 11, 2008

knitting needles

I've decided to make Brant a scarf, due to the sweet little neck that is exposed between his hat and coat. So, last night, using some leftover yarn, Brantley and I put a movie in, and I started on it. Little Midnight, aka Brant, woke up and decided to help me. He needed a "stick" and then, in less than four seconds, managed to complete unwrap my yarn ball! What a boy! Brant had a good day at school today, but he won't tell us what he's been doing. He does dance a lot more now, and it took us about a day to figure out that when he was patting his head, belly and toes that he was doing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!" Obvious to some, but when you don't think that he's ever heard the song, it's sometimes a surprise. It's too cute though, to see him patting and wiggling! We didn't get to cookies tonight, it was just too busy. We'll keep you posted.

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