Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ringing in the New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!  Little B and I spent New Year's Eve chilling out, watching a movie, waiting for Daddy, and for midnight to come.  We talked to Japan, cleaned his room, folded clothes, played games...and answered the question, "Is it midnight yet?" about a hundred times! You see, we bought sparklers and poppers at Target, and Brant couldn't wait to use them!
Brant watching tv intently, waiting for the countdown.
 He's already in his coat to go outside and make some noise!

Squinty Brant, notice his pockets are all loaded with poppers and sparklers!! 
So, as the New Year has begun, and we are back to school tomorrow, what a better way to spend the last day,  then to remember what we have done this week! We've packed in as much as we can, had as much quality family time as we can and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.   From Winston-Salem to Raleigh, we've seen it all!

Our week started in Winston-Salem...

The fountain at Salem College

Old Salem, decorated for Christmas. Mom took this photo, as Brant was at work.

King of the mountain in the square at Old Salem
Wednesday, we headed to Chapel Hill, for Brant's first trip to the planetarium.  I'd not been to Moorehead Planetarium since I was in grade school and we all thoroughly enjoyed the show. Mom got to go with us as well!

Playing at the sundial in front of the planetarium

Before the show...B was tired, so he was snuggling Daddy's hair
After the show, we headed to the Streets at Southpoint for a little Bear Building, a great lunch at the Cheesecake factory and some shopping.

Buddy, the newest addition to our family (he is also a fisherbear, on his time off)
On Thursday Mom was flying out to visit Cheryl and Mark, so we planned to spend the afternoon in Raleigh, before taking her to the airport. What better way than lunch at Tir na Nog Pub and a trip to Marbles, children's museum.

Piloting the boat.  Remember our first trip here?

Fighting fires!

Peeking through the porthole on the pirate ship.

Bouncing underwater!

The best part for the boys, were the construction areas. Here Marbles provided
wood, pegs, pipes, buckets, whatever needed to build a contraption to send a golf ball through.

Surfer dude!

Building a race car...look at their father, like son!

My camera died at this point, but they built a tower so high even Daddy couldn't reach the top!
Brant completely demolished it!

So, our final week of vacation is wrapped up.  Tonight is a school night, with lunches to pack and lessons to plan.  Stay posted, for the O'Day family is ALWAYS up to something!

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