Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brant's final tee-ball game

We can't believe it!  When we got his schedule it seemed like tee-ball went on forever, but here it is.  We just had Brant's final tee-ball game of the 2011 season.   They got to play an extra inning, and Brant was up to bat last, the very last batter of the game. He got a hit off of an overhand pitch (most pitches are underhand) and had a line drive down first!  A HUGE hit for the last hit of the season!  Way to go Orioles!

Front: l to r:  Alexio, Madison, Ella, Emery, Ethan,
Middle:  Mikey, Jex, Chase, Brantley
Back:  Madison's Dad, Coach Derrick, Coach Brantley, Emery's Grandpa, Jex Sr., Ella's Dad

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