Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Lakewood BlueClaws take on the Grasshoppers

One of the things I love the most about the Day School is how families interact, no matter the ages of their children.  Case in point, last Saturday night.  The P family and ours had been trying to coordinate for a Hoppers ballgame for say, over a year. Their family traveled to Spain and France with me last summer, and their boys, S and C, are such cuties, and are great friends with Brant.   Not to mention, L and N are fantastic friends!

We finally got ourselves together for a game, and it was such fun!  The Hoppers were playing the BlueClaws, the Phillies single A team, so our loyalties were divided.  Phillies won out, the boys wore their gear.  We stood at the BlueClaws dugout and Brant got autographs, and even a ball!  The team liked seeing him in his Phillies stuff, and Brant liked seeing all their Phillies equipment.  All in all, dippin' dots, drinks, hotdogs and fries later, it was an all around great game...with great friends!

Blue Claws warming up

Hanging out of Natty's Hill

C and B, great buddies

Rolling around on the blanket on the hill

Goofy picture!

The Hoppers have two black labs, Babe and Yogi, that retrieve bats and  take balls out to the umpires. After the game they can be petted.

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