Thursday, June 30, 2011

To Mom Mom and Pop Pop's we go!

After we went to the Build and Grow event, and a birthday party, it was time to load up the car and head to Delaware!  We had one VERY excited little boy and he asked about 3 trillion times on the way up, "Are we in Delaware yet?"  Finally, around 10:30, when we were still driving, he conked out. But don't be fooled. The minute the car stopped in the driveway, he was up and out!

We finally settled down after a bit and got a good night sleep. The next day, Sunday, was the day that Jacob and Hadley were heading to camp. Jacob was going for a week, and we wouldn't see him again, but Hadley came back the day before we left, so we got to see a bit more of her. So if you are wondering why Hazen is in all the photos, and you don't see many other kids, it's because he was our second child for the week.  And what fun we had!  

Brant had never been down on the Riverwalk, so we decided, before going out to dinner and then to the beach, that it'd be a good chance to go feed some ducks.

Cutie cousins

Strolling along...

One of the bridges. We stopped to feed the ducks here. Except it became a fish feeding frenzy. You've seen a shark frenzy..well, imagine it with about 50 or more brim...crazy!

Evans had to work that night, so we ate at the new Grotto's in town, so we could all eat as a family.  It was so fun to have everyone there, except our Happy Campers!

Sweet Delaney

Cutie pie Baylor

No words for this one, but they are two peas in a pod!

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