Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Canning Time!

One of our neighbors commented on how early we got our garden in this year, and it's really paid off.  Yesterday I picked the beans for the first time. Last year it would take me two pickings to get enough for a batch of beans, but this year....one!  Wow!  We picked, snapped, washed and canned 7 quarts of beans last night.  We love our garden goodness!

My handsome husband, he mans the pressure cooker. I still have visions of the explosions from days of old, even though there is a release valve now!

The garden, taken about three weeks ago. I didn't get a photo of it today, but  it's a jungle of veggies

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Hannah and Horn said...

Yeah, I made Beef Barley Soup in my pressure cooker. I actually made it for my baby shower. I had the lid on and closed but not pressurized. I took off the lid to test the barley and the it was like a volcano. Pretty awesome.