Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lots of talk

This is a different sort of post from me this time.  Mainly, no photos. Yep, none.  I've been waiting to blog for when I have some, because really, do you want to hear me go on and on about things, or do you want to see photos of cuteness and fun?  I know!  I want to see the photos too!  But anyway, we've been doing a lot of things, they just haven't been documented with the camera.

So, what have the O'Day's been up to?

The garden.  It's up, and growing and producing all sorts of....err...produce!  So the flip side of the garden has been canning.  We've already put up 15 quarts of green beans just from 3 pickings.  And plums.  We are all plummed out here and all we did was two batches of plum butter. Of course, that was 14 pounds of plums to be pitted and sliced, then cooked down for about 4 hours (of stirring every 10 minutes or so).  But we've got part of our Christmas gifts done, and it didn't cost us anything but the price of a bag of sugar!  Coming soon, brussell sprouts, leeks, tomatillos, eggplant, zucchini and squash.  The cucs and sugar snaps just went in, after the broccoli came out.   There's just this sense of pleasure our whole family gets, watching goodness grow in our backyard.  I love to see Brant get excited when he finds baby veggies, and he's more willing to try them, after he's seen where they "live."

The pool.  The daily trips to Ronnie's pool are in full force.  Our pool toys have increased in number this year, and require a bucket. Brant takes great pride in dumping me off my floatie this year, and commandeering it for himself.  He's more confident in the water, and his swimming skills are progressing nicely. He  started the summer being scared of the deep end (he never was before) but now swims out there like a champ.

The free stuff.  Yep, we are taking advantage of all the free stuff we can get our hands on.  No, we are not having financial difficulties, there's just a lot of neat free things to do out there.  First, the park of course. Nothing says summer like hot playground equipment and that metallic smell you get on your hands when you touch it.  Second, Lowe's Home Improvement Build-to-Grow series.  Every other Saturday morning, Brant heads over to build a neat wooden project.  They give the kids an apron and safety goggles (to keep) and a patch that goes along with their project.  The kits are all ready for the kiddos to bang away on. Or so I'm told. It's been a Daddy/Son thing, but Daddy works this Saturday morning, so I get the job.  And most likely, photos too!  Michael's craft store also has free craft projects for the kids, called The Knack. We've only caught one of these so far, making a Father's Day card, but I hope to get Brant over for more.

Vacation Bible School.  We've been attending Gibsonville United Methodist Church, and have really found a home there.  There are so many plusses, in addition to the all important fact that the ministers preach the WORD!  Their preaching is the closest we have found to Daddy's style, and it's been so great to be back in the Methodist Church.  So, Vacation Bible school has been this week.  It's Brant's first, and looking to get involved, I volunteered to be a Crew Leader.  Brant and I are in different classes, which is great for both of us to branch out.  I have the other pre-school group and 16 sweet, wiggly, sometimes teary 3 to 5 year olds for 3 hours a night.  Whew. Let's just say, I never knew how much went into OUR VBS when we were kids.   Brant is doing great and it's really neat to see that the important stuff does sink in, even though they are anything but still and quiet.  It's most definitely Pandamania!!

Chores.  We've been catching up with all the stuff that gets shoved all year long. You know, you do it too...that drawer you hate to open because there's so much stuff in it you know you won't be able to get it closed without something falling down the BACK of the drawer!?  Brant has been helping to do chores, and earning some allowance money.  He does laundry (putting clothes into washer and dryer), unloads the silverware, and helps do other various things, like dust and vacuum.  It's hard for us to be patient sometimes, because it does take longer, but it's paid off.  When we are consistent there is less arguing and complaining.  And he's slowly learning that if we all do it together we all get to the pool a lot faster!

Modeling.  The photographer who took our family photos asked if she could use Brant in some of her advertising and examples.  So we went to get the photos taken this week.  Go to to see the sneak peeks. Don't worry, they will make an appearance here when I get the CD.  But Leah is fantastic.  Seriously, I was entranced watching her look at the world in a different way.  To me it is was a corrugated bay door.  To her, the perfect shot. Amazing how we all have different gifts from God.

So there, that's what we've been up to.  Sorry for all the reading, there will be pictures soon!

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