Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's for the birds!

Ever since my family lived in Hallsboro and my Mom put up hummingbird feeders all around the windows in our den, I've loved watching hummingbirds.  We used to get skads of hummingbirds, and an especially zippy little pair my sister Cheryl named "King Hugatuga and Queen Sasperlite."  (There was even a book written about them, bound in cardboard and illustrated!)

So each year I've put up feeders.  And each year we've gotten 3 different hummingbirds, max.  I don't know why, I'm consistent in the feed, keep it fresh, etc. So it was a mystery as to why my feed was all of a sudden disappearing so quickly!  Occasionally the feeders would be swinging when we pulled in the driveway, so I thought the feed was spilling out.

Then one day, we saw THIS


So I did a quick Google search to find out there are about 18 different species of birds that like to drink from Hummingbird feeders.  While we may not be getting hummers, we have a whole FLOCK of other birds!

A few other shots from around the back yard...

The garden

The tomatillos are coming right along

Yep, found this one at a nursery in the MOUNTAINS!  I've wanted one ever since we went to Japan, so this is our experiment!

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