Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tweetsie and Thomas

Wednesday morning we had our Thomas the Train ride, with Casey Jones, the Tweestie steam engine, helping along. I'd never been to Tweetsie, because I was in Spain last year when the boys went with Mom Mom and Pop Pop.  For those of you who don't know, Tweetsie is an amusement park on a mountain, that runs a narrow gauge steam engine, from the mining days.  It's all cowboys and western stuff, which Brant loved, on top of all the Thomas fun!

On board for our ride, Brant was explaining the route to me, since I'd not been there before

Nothing like a good cowboy and Indian show!

The chief talking to Thomas

Giddy up!

Brant and his favorite blue engine

Riding the chair lift up

Brant poking Diesel 10 in the eye, because he is a "Naughty Engine"

First face paint!

Looking down the mountain

Going up!  The Ferris Wheel Brant has talked about for a year

Nice to meet you, Sir Topham Hatt

Brant was driving the carriage

Bouncing down the Thomas inflatable

That there is the baddest bandits this side o' the Smoky Mountains!

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Terri said...

I love the way Brant holds Brantley when they are on the rides or near the edge, his arm is just so around Brantley, so safe, so protected.