Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rehoboth Beach and Funland!

After dinner, we loaded all the kids up and headed to Funland. Funland is an amusement park on the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, and it's celebrating it's 50th year this year. It's so fun, noisy and crazy, as the rides and games are packed into a small space!  Hazen, Brant, Baylor and Delaney had a blast, and the parents did too! And of course, the evening was topped off with Thrasher's Fries and a walk to the water in the dark.  But I'll let the photos tell the story!

Shooting pirates with a water gun

Vrrrrooom!  We rode the motorcycles twice!

Hazen wanted to ride the dragon ship.  A bit of history here, as it really scared him when he rode it last year with Mom Mom.  No one wanted to ride, so Uncle B stepped it.  B had a blast.  Hazen hung on for dear life.  Bless his heart!

This was a two story high obstacle course. It was so much fun for the boys, Brant was hanging from the top, at the very top, upside down like a monkey. Crazy boy.

So you remember I said that everything was tight at Funland. This would be the bottom of the dragon ship, and the edge of the obstacle course Brant and Hazen were on.  The ship came within a foot, or a foot and a half of the building on the other side!

Totally loved the rocket planes

Delaney and Baylor on the firetrucks that Pop Pop rode when he was little.

The view out the beach

And down the boardwalk towards Dolles' Candy

What big boys. Hazen was big enough to drive and Brant was big enough to be a passenger  on the bumper cars. Pure fun and Brant just grinned and laughed the entire time.
It was such a fun night, and Daddy now has the title of Skeeball King, as he won Brant a medium AND large stuffed animal! I, however, wasted several quarters....

Too fun!  We just LOVE spending time with our family! And wait until you see what Brant found in the basement in the next post!

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