Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The BEST show and tell ever!

We've had quite a fun time taking care of Maggie for Mom Mom and Pop Pop while they were on vacation. But the day came for Mom Mom and Pop Pop to come back, and the sadness of Maggie leaving was overcome by the excitement of Mom and Pop coming.  

They came in on a day Brantley was working, so we decided dinner at Village was in order (really now, when is it not?)  We were all sitting around the table, chatting and enjoying each other's company when I suddenly remembered the next day was Brant's show and tell.  Reminding him that he needed to pick it out when he got home, he got a grin on his face.  "I know what I want to take, Mom Mom and Pop Pop!"  We all laughed, realizing he was serious, and a plan was in the works.  A few texts to Brant's teacher and it was set. Mom Mom and Pop Pop were to be Brant's Show and Tell!

I wasn't able to go, because of a meeting, but Daddy went and took some photos, and even the video! They were the hit of the day, all up and down the lower school hall people were telling me about it!  I just love how proud Brant's face looks between his Mom Mom and Pop Pop!  

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