Saturday, October 1, 2011

A soccer and doggie kind of week!

We've finally gotten some rain around here, and because of it, we've had to reschedule soccer games.  That means, this week, a drier week, we've had three games.  But the best game of all was this morning! Why?  Why?  I'll leave you hanging until the end of the post...just kidding, Brant scored a beautiful goal! His first for this season and he worked so hard for this one, it really made us proud.  He played almost the whole game and was determined to get a touch.  So when the opportunity occurred, between midfield and the goal, and through a large group of players, he kicked it as hard as he could and it rolled into the goal!  So fun, and his face after will always be a great memory of soccer.

After the game, we went back home to get the doggies to do some park time.  We've been rushed in the evenings, and we've tried to get some time to play in the park, so in the chilly late morning today, we walked down. Joined by Grandma, Brady Dog and Maggie, we tromped through the trails, several times, and collected "nature." Lots and lots of nature, all of our pockets were full! But I remember going on nature walks at Rising Park and Alley Park growing up, and coming back with lots of treasures.   Of course, a bit of play time on the playground was in order, and the tired dogs, chilly little boy, Mommy and Grandma strolled back home.  
Yes, possibly the best chichuaua in the world.  She didn't even shake! 

The leaders of the pack, B and Maggie

What's taking you so long?  Maggie lead the entire way!

A little nature gathering, see their bulging pockets

Just like the floating rocks on Jake and the Neverland Pirates, according to B

Checking out the campfire B built with Grandma  a few days ago. He was pleased it was still there.

But decided to move it.

A tired puppy, watching B play

Hanging around...about 2 minutes before he decided he was ready to go home.
Big him so much

Yep, ready to go now...

The weather has made a change for the fall, albeit, temporarily, but we've have to turn the heat on for a bit, to knock the chill off.  I knew it was time when little B and I popped popcorn and huddled around it for the heat!  Maggie had to wear her sweater too!  Love it though, we all seem to have a bit of spring in our step and the doggies seem to be happy too.  See what Big B saw when he walked into the yard a few days ago, new best buddies...

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