Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creepy crawlies and pirate pumpkins

 This past weekend was Fall Break and a welcome break it was!  We enjoyed being at home and making crafts, playing and just being a family. You've seen we kicked off Fall Break with a playdate and a trip to the fair. But this is what we else we did!

Brantley, Grandma and I made spiders (with Peppermint Patty insides) for his Kindergarten class.

Of course, we made a few to decorate the Hoosier.  I love the bats too, with Brant's hands!
The orange circles are the pumpkins that Brant designed, with goofy faces.
 So the week progressed on...Daddy had today off and it was deemed "Pumpkin Carving Night!"  Homework done, fire lit in the chimenea, we got to work!
The un-carved Delaware pumpkin,with a bit of NC dirt.

Cutting the your fingers Daddy!

Daddy doing the design work.  Little B and I had done the "guts" and Little B decided that THIS year, we were roasting the seeds.

So, after dinner, and waiting for it to be dark enough to light the pumpkin, we whipped up some cinnamon, sugar and butter to glaze the seeds.  Popped into the oven for 45 minutes and we had a yummy snack.   

The finished product, we've got lots of pirates around this Halloween
The no flash jiggly but necessary photo of the lit pumpkin!

There are a few more Halloween events coming up, so stay tuned!!

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