Friday, October 21, 2011

State Fair Fun!

A day off from school meant that we had a chance to hit the State Fair!  I was flipping back through photos to see if I could find the one other time Brant had been to the fair, and I've decided it must have been when he was only 2. So of course, he told us several times that he'd not been before.  This time we were sure to hit all the highlights for him.  But, let me get this out beforehand.  The Carolina O'Day's don't ride rights that can be dismantled and put up again in a day.  Yes, we know the inspections. But there is so much other stuff to do there, who has time for rides?

Today dawned cold and sunny.  There are several things that are synonymous with State Fair to me.  First, roasting. Starting off in jean and long-sleeves and needing shorts by the end.  Second, yellow jackets.  Ugh. But at a brisk 50 degrees, we were layered up, and a bit on the chilly side.  

First place we headed was across the bridge to the NC Forest Service area. On the way there though, we stopped to watch the blacksmiths make a hook, and the John Deere ice cream machines make ice cream (we partook of that on the way out!)  The pride of the Forest Service is Smoky the Bear.  Not just a little one.  One BIG Smoky!

This was our second time seeing Smoky, who addresses the kids personally.  He's huge. But I have to say, the Forest Service guys are great. Fantastic!  They get on the kid's level and actually seem to enjoy what they are doing!
 A quick jaunt through the flower section (Grandma and I could have stayed here all day), but we at least got a few silly photos.

Brantley has been asking quite a bit about how things are made.  Not machines and things, but how things USED to be made. So we were quite excited to guide him through the Village of Yesteryear.  Here, artisans craft their wares, and we were able to show him the three main questions he asks about, pottery, a loom and candle-making.

Watching the potter. If you noticed all these photos are from's because he was NOT in a photo mood today.
 Off we headed to antique farm equipment and animals!!

Now, let's just pause here for a moment and consider one thing. FAIR FOOD!  We had a list (err, I in particular, had a list) of food we (ahem, I) needed to eat.  First on this list is directly outside the Village of Yesteryear...roasting ears.  Sigh. I could eat another now.  So could little B, for he was quite taken with them as well.  Big Brant could live with out them. Grandma could go either way.  I want another one. Right now!

Yummo!  Grilled corn drenched in butter.  Greasy goodness!
 So there is a break in photos here, as we got engrossed in animals and navigating the more crowded part of the fair. But a quick stop at the UNC-TV (PBS) tent is always fun.
"When Pigs Fly" demo, with levers and hammers and flying pigs.  Always  good fun!

Of course, cutouts of favorite characters liven it up.  Here, a guy from Dinosaur Train. Side note, Brant passed up a photo op with both a Transformer and Scooby-Doo.  Still not quite a fan of live characters. But Mickey and gang, he's all over!

"Calling all Super Readers!"
 We spent a bit of time with the State Troopers, local police departments and the National Guard.
Exploring the Humvee

Popping out the top, unexpectedly. So this is not the best photo, but he was too busy to stop for a photo.
 We walked through the exhibition halls, picking up stickers, buying our Mt. Olive pickles, getting Lions club peanuts and seeing the award winning cakes, quilts,veggies and clothes. And best of show dress...Scarlett O'Hara's green dress from the "bahr-bah-que!"

So back to food, it was officially lunch time by now, and look what one of the newcomer's was!  But no, we didn't eat here.
Bellies full, feet sore and loaded with all the free stuff little B picked up, it was time to head home, for Daddy had to work.  All in all, a great day. There's nothing like a day at the fair!

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