Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin guts and Fire Trucks

 My middle school students have been on a trip for the last three days, so I've been able to slip down to Brant's class and join in some of the seasonal fun.  Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Stacy took the classes outside for some good ole pumpkin science.
Weighing the pumpkins

After choosing if the 9 lb. pumpkin and the 14 lb. pumpkin will sink or float, they tested their  ideas.  Final outcome, both floated!  Why??  Well, let's see...

Cutting into the pumpkins to see that they are hollow, which is why they float.
(We learned this the hard way when our pumpkins from the front porch ended up in our neighbor's pool one year, after some Halloween tomfoolery.)

Getting a feel of the "guts"!

School buddies!

Showing off the seeds they grabbed out.

The pumpkin seeds we made the night before made an appearance, as we knew we could never eat them all.  We thought it would be a nice treat for the kids to try, not knowing that today would hold a pumpkin lesson!

Brant got to pass them out, with a little help from Mrs. Sheila
 After all the pumpkin experiments, it was time to check out the fire truck.  One of Brant's classmate's families owns this antique one, and it makes a yearly appearance around Fire Safety Week.  Always fun to climb and explore, the class had no qualms about making this one their own!
Getting ready to sit in the driver's seat!

Firemen Brant and E, off to a fire!

Of course, there's nothing like loading 22 kids up on top of the truck and trying to get a photo where you can see everyone's faces!  
Brant quite enjoyed himself, exploring the hoses on top. 
A fun afternoon, and more fun to come!

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