Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bowling with a buddy

Ahhhh.  Fall Break.  We had a half day at school today, to kick off Fall Break.  A few months ago, Brant had his first "go home after school" playdate with his buddy C.  So, we returned the playdate today.  Brant wanted to take C bowling, as he'd never been and it's one of Brant's favorite things to do.  After a lunch at Blue Ribbon, off we went! 

First time bowling!

I don't know how Brant does it, but he always gets a strike, every time we bowl!  

Terrible red eye but cute kiddos!
 Funny note, every time C would bowl, he'd say, "Good shot, eh?"  Big B finally asked him if he was from Canada! It was the cutest thing!
At a one game limit attention spans, we soon moved on to the game room.  Can I just say, I love air hockey?  All those nights at the roller rink growing up paid off. I almost beat Big B, until Brant started rooting through my purse for more money...totally distracted me.  Really, it did! :-)


Nice shot C!

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