Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Scramble!

Let the Halloween festivities begin!  Tonight was the Halloween Egg Scramble!  Our town's Parks and Rec sponsors it each year, but this is the first year we've gone. It was quite fun, and along with a costume contest and some friends from soccer, it was a great evening.  

Brant usually has two Halloween costumes. I know, absurd. But let me tell you what we do, and why.  The first thing is, there is always something Brant HAS to be. Like Batman, Spiderman, or this year, a Pirate.  So that is saved for Trick or treating.  Why? Because a. they are usually one piece deals (you'll understand that in a minute) or b. I'm scared something will happen to them before the actual event.  That's because the kids get it wear their costumes to school on the day of the Halloween Carnival (thus, the one piece nixed. Can you imagine getting out of Spiderman when you REALLY have to go pee?)  So, we usually create an outfit, or use something we have for dress-up that is more comfy for all day wear.   

This year, Brant chose to be a Marine.  Hmmm, I think he misses his family in Japan, he's been talking about you lots lately! 

"Do Marines do this Mommy?"

The judging for the contest.  Beat out by a UPS guy.  Seriously. 

Oh yeah. He's ready to scramble!

So we had a plan.  Usually we get bogged down at the start, picking up all the eggs he could see.  But this year, he ran almost to the end and worked his way back.  Good plan Daddy!

Picking up as fast as he could!  See, he even has his own dog tags!

"I'm so tired I can't walk!"

Checking out the loot!  Didn't get one of the gift cards, but if you need a spider ring, we have about 10 !
We had a great time, loved seeing all the cute (and sometimes a bit scary) costumes the kids wore.  We love living in our small town!

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