Sunday, March 18, 2012


A lot of people have given their opinions about the age difference between the boys.  Not that we intended to wait that long, we just turned around and Brant was five!  The naysayers like to comment on how Brant was going to be knocked out of the center of attention and so forth.  Of course, there were positive comments as well, commenting on Brant being helpful and old enough to understand what was going on.  

Needless to say, there was enough discussion about this whenever someone saw I was pregnant, to get me good and nervous about the transition for our family.  

WHY haven't I learned my lesson and just trusted that God would take care of it?  

First of all, it's been really a blessing for Brant to be at the Day school right now. He's still a bit of a celebrity, everyone wanting to know about the baby.  Also, the normalcy of the routine is great for him, and us, as we can grab a nap during the day and not be so tired in the evenings.  As well, I try and take care of all the "stuff" during the day and have dinner started before picking up Brant, so the evening is his time.  Henry even obliges to take a nap during Brant's bedtime, so we can still have our reading time. 

Brant has been wonderful!  He's been super helpful, picking out brother's clothes, getting things for us when we are nursing, checking on the baby when he's asleep.  He's even been a bit concerned when we give him a toy to play with, as we told Brant that Henry can't have stuffed animals in his crib! ( don't worry, I was folding clothes in the same room!).

Brant has been curious about everything, and delighted to find that Henry will stop crying when he holds his hand and talks to him.  And nothing is better than when Henry decides to be awake for a bit, and not go back to sleep after a feeding. 

This morning, Brant FINALLY got to play with Henry on his playmat (thanks Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Mark!). 
Henry spent his obligatory time on his tummy, but greatly enjoyed interacting with his brother afterwards. 

Brant used the rest of the loops we had bought to make a safety gate , so Henry couldn't get through!

Eyes for his big brother

They played for almost an hour like this!  I can only hope there are more peaceful playtimes in our future!But the realistic part of me knows....oh yes...I know...

So, to the naysayers, I can now say, the spacing between the boys wasn't planned,  but as with everything in our life, God is in charge and He knows better than anyone the right fit for our family!

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Hannah Barnhorn said...

Congratulations on Henry; he looks super sweet. Who cares what others say about spacing - what is right for you and your family is all that matters.