Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A very special show and tell

A day or two after Henry was born Brant asked his Daddy if Henry could come for show and tell.  We decided he should be a little older, but then realized, that for him to be show and tell, I couldn't come into Brant's class before then!  So we had to do it today, as next week there are several events we want to attend. 

Daddy and I brought Henry on his first visit to BDS.  Brant proudly strolled his brother into the classroom, and I carried him to the front of the room.  The kids were so excited, and wanted to see every little bit of Henry.  They were pacified with his toes, though, as we kept him in the carrier, promising when he gets older, that they could see him more. 

Brant didn't have much to say about him, other than what he likes to do with him (rub his soft hair) and that Henry stops crying when Brant holds his hand (he does!) But he was a proud brother and fielded questions like a pro!
Ugh. Full blown teacher mode, can't you tell? 

The back row couldn't seen, so we took a little baby parade around the room!
Henry was a hit, and it was so fun to see the reactions!  Little Henry slept right through it!

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Jen said...

You look great Katy! Very Tobin.... although I'm not sure just what that means, you just look it. :)