Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sweet messages to baby Henry

Wednesday, after Henry was born, Brant woke up with the allergy yuckies.  He really wanted to stay home and come to the hospital with us, but once he found out we might be coming home, he headed off to school.  Of course, breakfast at McDonald's with Grandma helped smooth the way. 

It turns out that he would have missed a parade!  The kindergarten class made a banner welcoming Baby Henry (remember also, that I teach these sweet kiddos too!) and paraded down the hall, with Brant and Natalie holding the banner.  According to Brant, "Natalie holded it too because we're almost cousins!" 

Brant came to the hospital on Tuesday, and I had him get his backpack out to do his homework.  We read his story and did a worksheet, and in putting his folder back in his bag, he found the packet of cards each of his classmates had made too!  They are precious and will have a place of honor in Henry's baby book!

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