Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Henry's first week

It's hard to believe that a week ago Henry had just made his arrival. And that a week and a day ago I was pregnant! (sooooo glad that's over!)  It seems he's been in our family for a lifetime, and we've been surprised at just how easy an adjustment it's been. I'm sure it's helped that my recovery time has been extremely short and the birth was no where near as exhausting as Brant's.  Either way, Henry just slipped right in to the family, hardly skipping a beat.

Henry's first week has been a busy one, with a visit from Mom Mom and Pop Pop, two doctor's appointments, trip to Target, lunch out with the family, a soccer game and lots of good snuggles!  We've gotten the garden ready for planting, and I've finally been able to get out and weed my flower gardens.  Big brother Brant is doing well too, having had a few days off from school for family time.  It was the best thing we could ever have done, as our family needed to be together.

Henry left the hospital Wednesday at his birth weight, and we had his first doctor's appointment on Friday with Dr. Bonney.  Henry had lost weight , to be expected, and was 7 lbs. 5 oz.   We went back on Monday for another weight check, and Henry weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz!  No worries about our boy gaining weight!

Henry is a very easy going baby so far, sleeping quite a bit. This is a huge change from his brother, who was awake A LOT of every day.  According to Dr. Bonney,  Brant was "active baby",  Henry is seeming he will be the opposite.   That in mind, we'd been instructed to wake him every 2 to 3 hours to nurse.  But seeing as he was gaining weight, we can now let him wake up on his own to eat.

Checking out his new playmat.  Tummy time ticks him off, so it's short lived at the moment

The weather has been fabulous! In Little Brant's words, "Summertime came early Mommy!"  It sure did, as it's been in the 70s today and is going to be in the 80s the rest of the week!  So, it was time to get outside and enjoy it.  Daddy was spreading mulch and getting the garden ready, so I decided to weed the flower garden I see from the couch when I'm there.  Little Henry decided to take a nap! But here are some cute photos to mark his one week birthday!

Wearing a hat that was his brothers

Stretched out in his new stroller
So you may wonder how our animal family is doing with the new baby.  Just fine, as a matter of fact, quite sweet.  Brady stands guard over Henry when he's not in our arms, laying near him, but never too close.  It worries him greatly when Henry cries or makes noises, and he looks at us, perplexed!  Bailey cat, of course, ignores him, as cats tend to do!

So, we're adjusting well and enjoying our family of four.  But don't let that kid you, any given moment you could see one of us like this!  Love it!!

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metalkpretty(Jaimie) said...

I don't get that much done in a YEAR! Good for you girl! Looking forward to seeing you soon!