Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Springtime soccer!

Brant had another soccer game on Monday night.  Seeing as we accidentaly missed the game last Tuesday, and then Brant was sickly last Saturday, this was only the second game he's played in.  Daddy was at work, so Grandma, Brant, Henry and I loaded up and managed to be five minutes late to the park that is almost across the street from our house!  This being the Mommy who likes to be 15 minutes early, I was in a less than perfect mood. However, watching Brant enjoy himself on the field, in the beautiful (but warm) spring evening brightened me right up!  

Brant had a great game and, while not getting a goal, got lots of touches on the ball, and great passes!

#5 on the field

Neighbor Austin, who is on the team this season

Henry really wanted to play too, but decided to take a nap instead

Kicking it in

Getting ready to kick off

Cuteness at half-time

Good game, good game, good game.....

Love spring soccer, it feels like summer is right around the corner!

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