Sunday, March 18, 2012

St.Patrick's Day shenanigans

Top o' the mornin' to you!  St. Patrick's Day at our house is a day of green foods, green clothes and leprechauns!  This year was a bit more low key, seeing as Brant had been up sick part of the night and the other part it seemed we were up with Henry.  We missed a soccer game, as Brant was so tired. Not to mention that Daddy has been fighting with his allergies something terrible. Also, Daddy had to work that night, so we had to do our meal at lunch.   But the day was to be celebrated and celebrate we did!

It was a good thing Brant brought some artwork home from school on Friday, as I couldn't find my stash of decorations!
I guess it's no wonder, since I'd not been in the attic for 9 months.

So I improvised.  The napkins, two Irish Tom Clark gnomes and a basket with shamrocks to hold the leprechaun gold Brant found on Friday on their "Leprechaun Hunt" at school.
And check out the cookies! My friend Meredith, who is an awesome baker/cook, left those as a treat for us on our porch!

 Now, let me explain something to you.  Every St. Patrick's day, a leprechaun leaves candy all over the house. That leprechaun gets into cabinets, leaves trails, puts candy in cleats, you name it, wherever a leprechaun can fit, he leaves a candy.  I think that the same leprechaun that left candy at my house growing up came with me to our new house, because it's the same kind of candy!  Got to love those caramel candies with creme centers!

Anyway, not even a sluggish, slightly off start to the day can squelch the fun of finding where the leprechaun was!
Spotting a candy on the windowsill

On top of the faucet!?

As the day progressed we all got dressed in our green.  Brant was sporting the hat the kindergarteners all got on Friday at their party.
In this picture Brant looks just like his Daddy when he was his age!  That grin!

We got Henry's outfit the Sunday before he made his arrival (good thing too, since he came the next night!)  Of course, thinking that he was going to be as big as his brother was, we got the 3 month size.  He's got room to grow in that one!

In his brother's arms, snoozing away.  Brant has sat for almost a whole movie holding him. Brotherly love!
Usually we have corned beef and some sort of cabbage, but we were discussing it and discovered that none of us really LIKE it.  So we moved on to one of our favorite pub meals, bangers and mash.  We were able to find a reasonable substitute for the Cumberland sausages, as Johnsonville put out a "Luck o' the garlic" sausage.  That, with a brown gravy, soda bread and Irish apple cake rounded out our meal. Only thing missing was the beer, as the McSorley's had to wait, big B had to work later that day.

Isn't that shamrock cute?
 Seeing as we were all a bit tired, we spent some time cuddling on the couch. Brant has taken to bringing a book or scooching over next to us when we are nursing, so I've had some good cuddles with my boys.  The funny thing is, this was the first photo with both of them and me.  Mom snapped it, with all of us in St. Patrick's attire!

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