Monday, March 12, 2012

Mom Mom and Pop Pop come for a visit!

When I was pregnant with Little Brant, Brantley's parents came down for his birth.  Being so excited about his arrival, they came a good week or so before Brantley's due date.  Except Brantley decided to be two weeks late!  

Vowing not to have a repeat of the three week visit (we loved it, wish they would stay for a while for all their visits!) Bev informed us that they would start driving up when they get the call that we are going to the hospital.  It's a 12 hour drive, and most likely would have made it in time for Henry's arrival.  EXCEPT they were expecting to come on Thursday, and as Henry decided to come on Monday.  And Louie was on a road trip with his nephews to Key West.  

So Mom Mom, Pop Pop and Great Aunt Brenda made their arrival Friday night.  And we had a wonderful weekend of family time, soccer games and baby snuggles.  We had to tell them good-bye this morning, which we always hate to do.  But hopefully the next visit isn't too far away!

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