Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wildlife Encounters--Wonders of the Rainforest!

Right after Henry's star appearance as Show and Tell today, we attended an assembly in the gym.  I had gotten an email about it and was interested to see it to, so we made plans to stay.  A traveling group, called Wildlife Encounters brought quite a variety of rainforest animals to the school, and gave a great talk about all of them.  Brant sat with his class, so we didn't get to get any photos of him there, but I did get some good animal photos!

The iguana (a baby one)

The coatiundi, who munched on Froot Loops and grapes

"We like to move it, move it!"  King Julian's cousin made an appearance, the baby ring-tailed lemur

Who took entirely too big of bites of banana!

And a non rainforest animal, but one traveling with them, Darth Gator!
Once again, a fun and unique experience for BDS students!  And a great education for the kids as well!

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