Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kindergarten Easter Fun and Henry's debut video

Today was a fun day! Henry and I took a jaunt to Brantley's classroom to help his class dye Easter eggs!  This is very fun for me, because I usually have to arrange my visits to his room around my teaching schedule.  This time, I had to work around Henry's nursing schedule!  But anyway, we had a great morning with Brantley and his friends, and then delivered a McDonald's lunch to Brant as a treat! 

(why won't this photo center??? Anyway, Brantley and Christopher, one of his best buddies!)
Getting started.  Of course, blue was the first color choice!

3 down, 3 to go.  Brantley started multitasking, and dunked 3 at a time! 

My biggest boy and me
After running errands ALL day, Henry had some playmat time to stretch out his little legs.   The video is of the cute noises he's started to make.  And, he's holding up his head for longer and longer periods of time!  Crazy!

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