Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brant's fans

Last night we took a jaunt over to Mebane (and their really nice sports complex) for Brant's baseball game.
It was hot and sunny, perfect baseball weather!  We claimed the shady side of the bleachers and camped out.  We were very excited with Natalie, Cade and Dana were able to come!
Snoozing after getting baby snuggles from Dana
 Brant's team, the Cardinals, are undefeated.  Technically, they don't keep score in Pee Wee, but the Coach keeps all the stats.  And last night, he informed Brant that in last night's game, he hit more than in his first three games combined!  He's been working so hard, and it's really paying off.  He was 3 for 3 last night! Two of those hits were on the first ball.  Brant has also been catching an inning or two, and really likes it...hmmm, future position?  Too bad for his knees!
Taking a knee after the game to talk to coach

Coach Harrison and Coach Jones and the team..."Cardinals on three!"
Jex hit a home run too!
 When Brant had a great hit, and was on first, Coach Jones said he told him, " I hope Natalie saw that!"
She did Buddy!

A few photos, I couldn't decide which ones to include, so I included them all! Cade was running too fast to get a picture, he had a blast going up and down the bleachers!

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