Monday, January 24, 2011

And the super hero is......

When we found out the final day of Spirit weeks was superheros day, Brant went nuts!  He knew just who he was going to be...Batman!  Now, if you remember correctly, we do have a Batman costume, as that was who Brant was for Halloween this year. 

 But I was NOT going to send him to school in a one piece costume ALL day long.  You see, I'm a teacher.  And you think differently when you are a teacher and a parent.  First of all, all I could see was the struggle to go to the bathroom all day.  And needing a teacher to undo all day, and getting hot, or itch, or, what if you don't make it out of it in time to GO to the bathroom?  And once in the bathroom, the arms would be dragging on the bathroom floor.  YUCKO!  So, we went in search of a Batman shirt, to attach his cape to, and his handy dandy black cargo pants (which were also his fireman pants from Halloween!) 

And so, here is OUR little super hero, Brantman....err, Batman!  
The cape didn't make it all day either.....

By the way, if you are wondering what I was....I was the mild-mannered alter ego of Super other words, ha ha ha, myself.  I had several great ideas, such as wearing all my Marine gear, as you know, our military are ALL super heroes, or even doing the Super Mom thing.  But my spirit was pooped.  As in nada.  I just wanted to be myself!  And as a parent, commenting that I didn't dress up said, "Don't worry, teachers ARE super heroes!"  

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