Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brant reads ME a book!

Little Brant has been greatly enjoying his K4 class with Ms.Stacy and Ms. Jodi. We have been so amazed at the amount of learning that goes on in his room!  With 15 little kiddos, it's one busy room, and one that is full of the love of children AND learning!

While surprised that Brant has some sort of homework every night, we've really seen the importance of the follow-up work.  Usually consisting of a coloring letter paper or handwriting practice, for the past few months it's also included sight word books.  We've been reviewing 10 sight words at home, for about a week, and wow, that boy flies through them now! He's picking out sight words in books that we read and around the house.

Tonight, Ms. Stacy sent home the first phonics reader.  Yesterday, actually, the book got sent home, but we didn't get a chance to read it. Stacy spoke to me at school, saying she didn't get to go over the book with Brantley another time, so don't push the reading too hard.  Tonight, I read the book to him one time.  A while later, we sat down for him to read to me (it's so hard to get him to be still at home, after being still at school!...come on spring, we need to play outside!)

Sitting down, Brant read the entire thing to me!  I was so shocked, my little boy was reading!  I tried to contain my excitement until the end (as he embarrassed easily and gets shy), he got a huge high five and hug from Mommy!   Yeah for Brant!

The first phonics book Brant read to US!
(although we can't quite figure out if Sam is a boy or a girl!)

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Jen said...

Yeah! Way to go Lil Brant! Now when does he start to learn to read music? ;)