Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit, how 'bout you?

Yep, you read the title right...It's SPIRIT WEEK YA'LL!  At BDS, this encompasses the week surrounding the big basketball game, and a week of utter, total, nutsoness that leaves every teacher quivering in the knees and thankful it only comes around once a year!  But dang, it's fun!

Being a short week, Tuesday was Blue/White day, where you dress in...yep! Blue and White!  I pushed my blue to include jeans, after all, if you can't wear jeans to school during Spirit week, when can you?!  Brant was a cutie in a blue flannel shirt.   We got to sit together at the Pep Rally, during which he held his hands over his ears the entire time because, yelling at me, "IT"S TOOOO LOUD!"

We stayed after for the game, and Brant sat with his buddies, the 5th and Upper Schoolers who are his friends.  Yes, my son, at age 4, was sitting with the big kids.  He came to me when he needed money.  Actually, his friends were helping me, as I had signed up to work the game, and it was packed!  But I felt like Brant was a teenager already!

Today was a comfy day, Pajama Day!  Donning a clean pair of jammies this morning (why did we change? seriously, this could have been the easiest morning of the year!) we headed out to snuggle our way through school.  It was also Polar Express Day for Brant, postponed due to a snow day before Christmas.  Needless to say, the excitement level of his class was sky high!  Slinging his bell on the way out of school, he deemed it " A fun day!"
A quick pic on the way out to school...bunny jammies on Mommy (Christmas present from Little B) and Spiderman for Brant!

Waiting for the movie to begin!  yes, he's sticking his tongue out...

Brantley's classroom "Fe-ater", the mobile SmartBoard. Can't wait till his class
gets a permanent one!

Now tomorrow...tacky day!  Wait til you see what WE are wearing!

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