Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Snow Day!

Mother Nature played a trick on us Monday.  Hoping for a snow day Monday, we instead found ourselves in school..ALL DAY LONG.  But she came through around 3:30 yesterday afternoon as it began to snow.  We were above the major snow line, so ours turned from snow to sleet, back to snow and added in some freezing rain, just for giggles.  School was closed today, and the fun began. The best part?! Daddy didn't have to go to work either! While not ideal for snow activities, the sledding was awesome!  The layer of ice over the snow allowed us to slide incredible distances!  

When we walked into the front yard, we discovered we'd had some visitors. Quite a few
from the number of tracks in the yard!

The deer were rooting for the layer of acorns in the yard

Daddy was instructing Brant in the fine art of snow shoveling. 

And an added plus, the snow plow came by!

We headed to the park to do some more sledding. Or wiping out!

Daddy and Brant got a few good slides in!

Mommy too!'

Daddy's solo slide, all the way to the tennis court!

Our neighbor's pool (site of most of our summer days!) The water was frozen on the top!

The glass fisherman float we got on our honeymoon at Martha's Vineyard.
It never made it in the garage when we cleaned up the yard.
A quick visit to Grandma's and a family photo!
We are snuggled in now, and trying to thaw out.   Lots of Lincoln logs on the floor, sleepy yawns and hot chocolate!

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