Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Great Engine Line-up and a week for the birds

"Oh my," says Toby, "However did I get so many friends?"

In case you missed the blog posts about Thomas the Train and Brant's love for any train, but especially Thomas, I thought I'd document the Great Engine Line-up.  How did this all begin, you may ask?  Well, it all began on Christmas morning...

The fantastic train set Grandma got Brant came with a Thomas engine, but somewhere along the way, he lost his face (before being given). I called Fisher-Price for a replacement face, and they were out of stock! (oh no! You'll never realize how creepy a faceless engine is, when you KNOW it needs a face!).  So they one-upped themselves and sent a voucher for a new engine.   It came in the mail yesterday, so we were  "Off to Target!" as Brant says, to get a new engine!

We seem to have a multitude of Thomases, so we chose Rusty.  But of course, he needed batteries.  So I told Brant to line up his engines, we were going to change out batteries!  Thirty minutes later, three different sizes of batteries and two sizes of Phillip's head screwdrivers, we were ready to roll...err...chug!

I love how each one has a different expression!

Brant's grin says it all

and no matter how many Brant has, he knows ALL their names!
So it's kind of nice to have a blog post about not much at all.  We've had a quiet week of getting back into the swing of things at school, early bedtimes and lots of snuggles.  The weather is looking promising for another snow/ice day tomorrow and Tuesday, so stay posted...more winter fun coming soon??  

And so I leave you with Brant's exciting discovery one afternoon this week.  Where he had spilled some birdseed on our front walk, we saw this...

As Brant correctly identified "Daddy cardinals" we looked around the front walk and there were 5 Daddy cardinals all around the walk and feeder!   

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