Thursday, January 20, 2011

whooo weeee, who ARE those tacky people?

Us, I'm afraid!  Do you know how long it took for me to pick out tacky clothes?  seriously, I'm not patting myself of the back, but I pretty much buy everything to mix and match.  So I had to raid Big B's closet for some contrasting items.   After I asked him if I could borrow a shirt for tacky day, I realized that didn't sound much like a compliment!

Brant was fairly simple, although the same grab and go principle applies to his wardrobe too!  If it doesn't go with jeans or khakis, it's not there!  He does have one pair of camo pants, and that, paired with a plaid shirt and striped shirt under it made for one lovely combination.  But let me say this, compared to some of the kiddos at BDS, we were very tame!

So the photo doesn't show the bottoms, but Brant had his camos, and I had on jeans, rolled up, sandals and one red soccer sock, one green.  Lovely.

Tomorrow is Super Hero day, and other than Super Mom or a Marine, I have no ideas.  So most likely, it will be Brant making the appearance.  Who WILL he be??  Check in tomorrow to find out!

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