Saturday, January 15, 2011

An Indian Brave and ramblings...

Today was an interesting day.  Brant went to school, and I didn't.  I'd taken a day off, as a teacher is known to do every now and again, for various reasons.  Big Brantley and I were home alone and boy did we miss Little B.  Seriously, what did we do with our time before he was born?  Must have watched A LOT of tv. We kept ourselves busy by putting up crown moulding in the kitchen.  Let me tell you, quite the difference!

 Little B could have stayed home with us but because it was Winter Day in the K4 class, that was NOT an option!  Brant got dressed, or rather switched jammies, donned his slippers and went off for a day of winter themed activities.  He hasn't told us exactly what he did, "I fordot," being the answer of choice, but he has said it was very fun.  And the addition of Meredith Wilkerson's fantastic cookies,, you know the day was great!  But alas, no photos.  Mommy wasn't there!

This afternoon Brant got into his dress-up clothes.  I love the fact he's into pretending as much as he is, which is why we don't have a Wii, or any other video games system yet. I don't want to discourage the imagination and physical play. Call me old fashioned, but I don't know when we'd have time to play it anyway.  There are plenty of years for video games, only a few of dressing up!  Among the choices of Batman, Superman, Buzz, chef, knight and many more, Indian Brave made it.
Brant checking out his mop handle's that for  imagination!?

 I was the bear and was dramatically shot and skinned, and then he shot a deer for dinner!  Here's a short clip of Brant explaining who he is, and why he's dressed like that...prompted by me, of course.  Nothing spontaneous tonight!

Didn't realize I had the camera turned for the video...sorry!

You know, blogging is an interesting thing.  It's rather addictive. I've found I take photos of everything, and a lot of photos of nothing.  Why??  I might can use it on the blog.

In addition to blogging, reading the blogs I follow is addictive.  Is it my inner nosiness? or just a need to feel connected to other family, friends and moms?  Who knows! But the best's fun!  I hope that some of you readers feel the same way.

 The ultimate goal of our blog is a family journal.  One that perhaps I will have bound into a book, or just take joy in reading past posts.   So I am glad that you are here and I hope you will keep up with the crazy life of the Carolina O'Days.

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Meredith said...

Hey Katy! Thanks for the shout out about my cookies!
John Merritt is really into pretend play too! You never know what he's going to put on next.
Little Brant is so cute!