Sunday, January 9, 2011

Missing photos found...A Day out with Thomas at Tweetsie

This past summer I was blessed with the opportunity to travel with 26 students and parents from B D S to France and Spain.  I'd worked on this trip for a year and a half, before traveling, and by the time it rolled around I was filled with a mixture of regret and excitement.  Regret that I would miss two weeks out of Brant's summer and excitement to show my students some of my favorite places in Europe.

Brantley, being the wonderful husband and father that he is, was full of encouragement and assurance that all would be fine.  He had planned on keeping Brant busy and Grandma, Mom Mom and Pop Pop were all on hand to join in the fun.   The big event, a Day out with Thomas at Tweetsie.   Armed with the second camera, Brantley was instructed to take photos of every smile, expression, cool thing, that Brant did, so I could see them when I got back.

I returned.  And Brantley didn't have photos.  Or rather, we couldn't find the photos that he swore he took, but he couldn't remember if it was on our camera or his Mom's.

Well, last weekend, I vowed to finish Brant's baby book.  (Trying to keep up with the baby book, scrapbook AND blog is exhausting, and something has to fall through the cracks.)  But finish it I did.  AND I found the missing Day out with Thomas photos, that my sweet husband did in fact take!  They were on another SD card, and may I present for your viewing pleasure....the photos!  (I'm not able to caption these, as I wasn't there...)

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