Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hunting for eggs at BDS 2012

Last Wednesday was another big day at school for Brantley, the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  The class moms' provided lunch for the kids, and special Easter egg cupcakes before the fun began.  I slipped in with Henry to join the fun, and Daddy wasn't far behind. 

To  make the hunt a little more challenging and fair, each student brings in eggs for each classmate, putting their names on the eggs.  Then, all the kids hunt for the eggs with their names on them.  It's lots of fun, and it actually takes a while!

Silly buddies enjoying lunch

Did you know they had "see food" for lunch?  Ahhh, 5 year old boys are priceless!

The first one!

There's one!

Showing Mrs. Richardson, his teacher, his eggs

Checking out the eggs with Natalie

This was the "one serious photo" I asked for

and things dissolved from there

Yep, that's a blue rubber spider on Brant's head, placed there by Natalie! 

Posing with Henry

Lots of fun opening up eggs after the hunt.
The weather was great, warm and sunny and fun was had by all!

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