Friday, April 6, 2012

One month ago

One month ago today our family of three became four.  Brantley became a big brother and Daddy and I became the parents of "the boys."  

Actually, there's been a bit of discussion as to the actual one month date.  You see, Tuesday was officially four weeks from Henry's birth.  But today is the 6th...the actual date of his birth, one month later.  So, whether you think it's the 6th or last Tuesday, this week still marks his one month birthday!  

It's amazing how it feels he's been here forever, and yet, is still so tiny.  How we know him so well, what his cries mean, how he likes to sleep, what he likes to do and not do.  And it always, always amazes me how love truly is the only thing that grows the more it is given. 

This past month as been a busy and fun one.  But also one of sleep-dazed diaper changes, falling asleep nursing on the couch, or just sitting down and falling asleep. We've been to soccer games, out and about in daily errands, visits to school, and special visits with families.  

We love you so very much George Henry Samuel!  So very, very much. You have made our family complete!

Posing for Mommy

The boys, Big Brother adores Henry, and everyone comments how alike they are looking

Checking out his big brother's bunny ears

Hello!  I'm one month old today!

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