Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our final stop

We had decided, last minute, that because we were passing through Orlando, that we'd stop at Downtown Disney.  Using the handy dandy iPhone, we checked out what it had to offer the night before, and discovered that, in addition to the largest Disney Store, there was also a new restaurant called T-Rex Cafe.  Owned by the same guys as Rainforest Cafe, it was supposed to be quite the dining experience.  In addition, there was a Build-a-Dino, one of only 5 in the country!  So, guess what we did!
I wish we could do a big Disney trip again NOW!  But we are going to wait until Henry is older and can enjoy it.

Brant and Tic Toc Croc

Love the pirates at the Disney Store

And more Legos outside the Lego store.   But this time, a lot of them were Disney characters!

We decided to build his dino first, as the restaurant wasn't open yet.  He had decided he wanted a T-Rex, but didn't like the color of it.  So he picked the blue Apatosaurus.  About this time, Henry needed his pants changed and I had to leave.  The boys were at the computer filling out the dino's birth certificate.  What did Brant name him?  T-Rex Dino!  Big B was just glad it was something he could spell! 

Henry sort of patiently waiting for  us to eat. 

T-Rex Dino dined with us
 Now, very unlike me, these are the only photos I have of the restaurant.  Henry decided he was starving about the same time we finished our meal, and I had planned to take photos around the restaruant on the way out.  But, I headed out with Henry and forgot all about it!  But there were large, animatronic dinosaurs everywhere. Each dining area was a different period, like the Ice Age (that had wooly mammoths) that turned colors, and under the sea, with jellyfish chandeliers.  Not to mention the meteor shower every 20 minutes!  It was so much fun for all of us, and the food was good too!

Skip the next part if you don't want to hear rambling about feeding the baby!

So let me get back to the fact that Henry was starving.  I headed out into Downtown Disney to find a secluded bench or something to nurse him.  Unable to find anything suitable, but finding a replacement light saber for the one at home that was malfunctioning, I stopped to quickly purchase it. Mentioning to the cast member staffing the kiosk that I was looking for a place to feed the baby, she said to go to guest services and ask for a "quiet room."  Curious, I did as she said.  And, in true Disney fashion, they did things right.  I was escorted to a keyed room, with chairs and room for the stroller. And as the cast member was leaving, he hung a red Mickey Mouse from the door handle, code that someone was in there.  How nice to have a private, air conditioned place!

While I'm on the topic, I had asked a shop owner in St. Augustine if she knew of a place I could feed the baby.  That sweet lady, a grandmother herself, put a chair in one of her changing rooms for us!  There are still nice people in the world!

Love Mickey shaped gardens!

So, after lunch for all, we loaded up for the long ride home.  What a great vacation!!


Anonymous said...

Katy this was great. I am so glad you all had so much fun. I love the T Rex Brant picked out. It was wonderful to see all of you.

Hannah Barnhorn said...

Hey Katy - check out: - you can type in your location and see where spots are available as well as recommend or provides spots to others.