Thursday, April 19, 2012

This one's for Mom Mom

So it's been a big week in the O'Day house, Brant lost his first tooth and Henry FINALLY lost his belly button!  Well, not his belly button, but you know what I mean.  Henry was six weeks old on Tuesday, and has finally had his first really "dunking" bath.  And let me tell you, Mommy was so very, very happy to have a squeaky clean, head to toe, baby! Sponge baths just don't really cut it.

His first time in the water

Other than the red-eye I forgot to edit out, I think he's pretty pleased with it!

Chillin' in the tub!  Look at those rolls growing!
This was his second bath

"Take that Mama! That's for taking my picture naked!"

Snuggly baby in his towel

As we've mentioned before, Henry has curly hair.  We keep it combed out straight, as he's inherited the crazy which way curl of mine.  But Mom Mom likes a curl on the top of the head. Usually encouraged by a bit of Baby Magic.
Not so with Henry, it only took a quick swipe of the fingers!

This curl's for you, Mom Mom!
In case you were wondering, the dentist said Brant has two more loose teeth!  

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