Saturday, April 14, 2012


After lunch for all, we headed over to the public marina for our Pirate cruise adventure on the Black Raven

Wow!  It looks like a real pirate ship!

The view from the deck of the St. Augustine lighthouse

Pirate J-Bird

Pirate Robert
 Not only did the pirates ride along with us, but they entertained as well!  From sea shanties, pirate jokes (what's Captain Hook's favorite store?  the second hand store!), face painting and a bit of dancing, it was quite a fun cruise through the harbor.  We also saw a family (pod?) of dolphins in the harbor, with a new baby!

The drawbride opening in the distance

Going through the bridge

As we passed the fort, it was another weapons demonstration.  It seemed like they were firing at us!

One of the other harbor cruises

All the passengers got some "booty" to take home, Henry not excluded.  Nicknamed the "stowaway" the pirates showed him some attention too!

Stretching out on the bench, cooling off

Brothers on board!
 Alas, the cruise ended and we began our walk back to our car for the ride to Okeechobee.   But we passed a few interesting sights along the way, like the wax museum...

And more cannons, ones you could climb on!

Before we got out of the city, both boys were zonked.  A good day!

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